Solenius: the jewel of the eastern sea. It’s the great city of men, a monument to unwavering determination and enlightenment. Its Royal University is renowned the world over as the foremost center of learning, its monolithic architecture and pearlescent spiraling towers are a breathtaking sight which never fails to draw a gasp from even the most jaded and experienced adventurer. The city itself is home to the largest airdock in the world. Hundreds of airships of all sorts move to and fro in the skies of Solenius every day. The royal palace of Solenius sits squarely in the center of the Royal University. The King of Solenius, Randalph the Benevolent has sat on the throne for 40 years and is well beloved by all who call his shining city home. His palace is a beautiful work of art that doesn’t sit high above the rest of the city, for Randalph wants his people to know he is one of them. He shares their plights and calls their city his home. He has worked his hardest since coming to the throne 40 years ago to foster peace in his kingdom and to rebuild the city after the devastation of the war between Solenius and the brutal kingdom of Falenar.

He must have over looked the section of town you now find yourself in…

The War of Two Kingdoms